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By Akintade Tofunmi Stephen
     Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola was born on August 24, 1937. He was a Yoruba business man, a publisher, a politician, an accountant, a philanthropist, a mogul and an aristocrat of the Yoruba Egba clan.
     Those who were not born before June 12 1993 may not know what it’s all about. For record purpose June 12 was the day Nigerians from East, West, North, rose voice in Amity, unity, in Concord to  elect Chief Moshood Abiola as the president of Nigeria . But it was to the surprise of Nigerians that Gen Ibrahim Babagida Badamosi annulled the election when he declared the election as inconclusive. The presumed winner of the was Abiola, though he was never declared  the winner of the election, but he was optimistic to the level of declaring himself as the winner of the election at Epetedo in Lagos.
 The annulment of the election set Nigerians on path of crisis, which led to disunity among Nigerians.
   Abiola contested under the umbrella of Social Democratic Party (SDP) while his opponent from NRC was Alhaji Bashiru Tofa. The election process was fair and just enough, in fact it was regarded as the best election Nigeria ever had and while always have. His manifesto was “poverty eradication”.
   Gen Ibrahim Babagida only granted his first interview on the annulment of 1993 election in 2009, where he revealed why he annulled 1993 election which Bashorun MKO Abiola was adjudged the winner.Babagida said we compelled to nullify the election because of threats to enthronement of democratic government at that time . Babagida described the annulment as “unfortunate” ,he also said having been in government as at that time he and Armed Forces Ruling Council, new that the democratic government to be installed would soon be later toppled by another military coup dete’t which he said his government wanted to avoid. He said his regime as decided to be the last administration that would ascend power through coup, he said it would make no sense to install a democratic government and toppled within six months. He however admitted that the election was the best election in Nigeria history free and fair. But unfortunately we nullified the election because we knew it wasn’t time to hand over. Babagida said it was the first time for him to use “unfortunately”. If Abiola had accepted his fate what could have happened?
Was Babagida just for nullifying the election?

Did Abiola ever sponsored coup?

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