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Why should Buhari seek for reelection?



   It is no surprise to witness the much awaited Muhammad Buhari 2nd term declaration on 9th April, this is no breaking news to many  but a clarion call to Nigerians at large.
The Buhari led administration has failed many Nigerians awaiting success from this government. The government has not fufiled any of the electoral promises made during electioneering  barely there years now, the government could only record nothing next to zero in their administration.
   Buhari led government has disappointed the electorates ,the president during his electioneering promised massive employment for the unemployed youths, it only employed little. Unemployment rate is increasing incessantly ,this present administration is not making provisions to make life bearable for noble citizens ,rather it is making it more worse .Universities, Polytechnics ,Colleges are producing millions of graduates yearly, only to graduate from higher institutions but no job to. Even when they establish small scale businesses government policies are not in favour of the entrepreneurs.
    The major issue a serious government should face sqarly is security, security of lives and properties for both citizens and aliens, but the answer is no . Boko Haram and others threats to human lives and properties has been one of the fundamental problems Buhari promised to tackle if elected .Nigerians are exposed to insecurity due to Herdsmen attack,Boko Haram, ISIS ,abduction has been order of the day. The president has not been taking insurgency issues as serious one that needs attention of government. He is been nepotic on the issue of herdsmen attacks rather to declare them as terrorists but he is pampering the sect . Abduction, insurgency, and others are threats to the security of Nation at large. This is a big slap on the government who promised to eliminate insurgency if elected. If president Buhari could be excused for mismanaging complex economic issues, his handling of the Niger Delta situation is more a political blunder. After many years of stability in the region primarily due to the generous amnesty package for the key militant figure. President took a dimmer view of the situation, looking to scale back the amnesty arrangements. Idealism aside,the result was catastrophic.
     It is no news that the president is not a good manager of economy. This is a nagging issue the president should solve with his economic policies. The past government tried to help the economy ,this government is not making provisions to improve economy but rather making it detrimental .When this government came on board Dallar was exchanged at the rate of     ,the resent exchange rate is. This is unacceptable, a serious government should be able to make economy favourable. If the present government is compared with her predecessor there is definitely a wide gap. This present administration should make policies to improve the economy ,inflation is ruling the market making economy unsuitable. For this government to admit their mistakes it alleging it to past government for corruption and mismanagement, only pretending to be a serious government they should not blame past governments rather make economy favourable. Mr President inherited a frail economy not in doubt. Despite Nigeria’s economy growing by 6% in 2014, economy gravity slaved pace in the democratic era. Prior to President Buhari’s inauguration, the economy headwinds were apparent, especially in Nigeria banking system as a result of the crash in global crude oil prices.
    Mr President promised to reduce or tackle corruption from the highest level, Nigeria was rank 3rd in bribe-taking among 55 Nations . EFFC, ICPC and other agencies who see to mismanagement, misappropriation of public funds. EFFC and others are been used as President’s dog used against people who are not APC members, they only hunt after the opposition parties, he is only fighting corruption from one angle ,this depicts that the president is not democratic. He is not balanced enough on political issues, he uses Judiciary against the opposition Leavimg his party members as saints. This government is the least tolerant ,does not give room from criticism rather they make death penalty for hate speeches in this democratic era. Many Nigerians assumed the president will use his office to eradicate corruption ,corruption which is killing the country is growing day by day.
     The decision of Mr President for 2nd term come 2019,looking into his records of governance for past three years on,which to many has achieved far less than people’s expectations. “Old age is limiting rate of my performance. Mr President should rather advice anyone in power and give fatherly advice on steps to take to make a better government.

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